Automated employee and student journeys

Whether you're issuing a harassment policy for your organization that requires confirmation opt-in or delivering and tracking training when required; This is Reach.

Track engagement throughout the entire journey

Reach enables you to track all touch points throughout an entire journey and, importantly, allow for personalized follow up to be initiated.

Integrate your existing services

Integrations play a key role in Reach. Keep using the services you know and love, while taking advantage of the power and flexibility Reach offers.

Google drive MS OFfice 360 Slack Messenger Salesforce Nexmo
And more.

Build your email templates, easily

Email is a vital tool for both marketing and internal communication. Our easy-to-use drag and drop visual editor lets people build emails without needing to know HTML code.

Intuitive journey builder

Journeys are made up of 4 different steps - triggers, events, delay and actions - which can be arranged in any combintion and nested as deep as required.

Journeys can run immediately, be scheduled to trigger on a specific date or trigger based on the outcome of a designated action. They can also be recurring.

Send Employee Privacy Policy
Employee confirms
Tag Employee 'Privacy confirmed'
Delay for 4 hours
Push Employee confirmation to PeopleSoft

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